Forza Horizon 4 – Best Wheel Settings (Logitech G29)

I have started playing Forza Horizon 4. When I started the force feedback settings were not feeling too good so I started playing around with the settings that I find to be the best wheel settings in Forza Horizon 4.

The settings are as follows:

  1. Vibration: Off
  2. Mouse Free Look: Off
  3. Invert Force Feedback: Off
  4. Steering Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
  5. Steering Axis Deadzone Outside: 20
  6. Steering Linearity: 49
  7. Acceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
  8. Acceleration Axis Deadzone Outsize: 99
  9. Deceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
  10. Deceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 99
  11. Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside: 14
  12. Clutch Axis Deadzone Outside: 89
  13. E-Brake Deadzone Inside: 9
  14. E-Brake Deadzone Outside: 100
  15. Vibration Scale: 49
  16. Force Feedback Scale: 90
  17. Center Spring Scale: 200
  18. Wheel Damper Scale: 0
  19. Force Feedback Understeer: 100
  20. Force Feedback Minimum Force: 100
  21. Steering sensitivity: 65

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